What are your symptoms trying to tell you?

Restore Balance + Function in Your Body




Psoriasis and

These symptoms are red flags. But the message behind the warning signals are not always clear, because they manifest for different reasons in different bodies.
Functional medicine doesn’t try to erase your symptoms – it listens to them. By digging below the surface, Hudson Life’s functional medicine doctors find–and treat– the root of the problem to restore balance and function in your body.

What is Functional Medicine?


Functional medicine is not one-size-fits-all; every treatment plan is singular and based entirely on your unique history, genetics, lifestyle, and symptoms.


You are a product of your lifestyle–your diet, environment, daily stressors, activity level. Functional medicine healing plans guide you toward lifestyle adjustments that facilitate longevity and healthspan.

Whole Body

Symptoms are warning signals of imbalance in the body. Functional medicine digs beneath the surface of symptoms to find the root-cause so that whole-body balance can be restored.

Conditions We Treat

2 out of 3 people are burdened by gut symptoms. We focus on microbiome health, nutrition, and stress management to restore balance.
As an invisible illness with no easily identifiable source, fibromyalgia can cause fatigue, pain, and difficulty concentrating.
When too many or too few hormones are released by the endocrine system, the imbalance can lead to weight changes, fertility problems, insomnia, anxiety, and more.
Anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment, and ADHD are indicative of imbalances in the body. We focus on symptoms of your mind and body equally to heal your mind-body connection.
Autoimmune issues arise when our immune systems stop defending our bodies from outside threats and start attacking our own cells, instead.
Joint inflammation is the result of the immune system attacking healthy tissue, deteriorating joint health and mobility over time.
Persistent exposure to toxic materials can lead to poor circulation, cognitive dysfunction, fatigue and skin irritation.
Fatigue, headaches, fevers, and coughs lasting over a year may be a sign that an undiagnosed pathogen is wreaking havoc in your body.
Including: sleep disorders, brain fog, immune dysfunctions, and more.

Common Questions

The 60-minute baseline consultation is not covered by insurance, but we can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance carrier after your visit.
The typical turnaround time for bloodwork and testing is around 4 weeks. After your baseline consultation your doctor may request blood work, which could take up to two weeks depending on the testing center. Your doctor may also ask that you complete specific testing kits, each of which have their own variables that impact turnaround time.
Contact us for pricing.
All consultations are currently virtual. Our physical location is 160 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014.

Our West Village office is located on 7th Avenue South between Perry Street and Charles Street.
If you have a preferred lab provider, you are free to utilize them to complete your blood work and tests following your baseline visit. Our team can also provide a list of in-network labs.