Physician Curated IV

IV Therapy Designed Just For You
Our physicians work with you to design custom blends based on your health needs. These custom blends may include essential vitamins and Amino Acids.

Types of Physician Curated IVs

IV for headaches

IV for pain & chronic pain

IV for anxiety

IV for nausea


A powerful Antioxidant and Collagen promoter
Important for cognition and cellular metabolism
Prevents damage to cells. Acts as an antioxidant; neutralizes numerous harmful chemicals
Help promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver
Important for normal muscle, cardiac, and nerve function. Promotes relaxation.
Important for the proper functioning of joints and tendons and also helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles.
Important for the re-hydration and absorption of the vitamins and minerals
Important for maintaining proper hydration, mineral levels, and electrolyte balance; Facilitates proper digestion; Regulates immune system health and antioxidant function


Strengthen immune system
Boost energy
Recover from illness
Support brain health

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