Semaglutide Management Program

Lose weight without sacrificing your health.

Hudson Health’s weight management program is a doctor-guided initiative designed to help you understand your body composition, adopt healthy habits, and achieve your lifestyle goals.

Semaglutide Management

Hudson Health’s 3-month Weight Management package includes:
2 DEXA Scans
2 Doctor consultations
3 Nutritionist check-ins
2 Vials of Semaglutide

How does it work?

Before beginning the Semaglutide injections, you will be asked to visit Hudson Health for a DEXA scan. The DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) is a state-of-the-art device that reads bone density, as well as fat and muscle composition. The scan not only provides a baseline analysis to measure composition changes against, but can also signal any risk of Osteoporosis.

Following your scan you will meet with your doctor to discuss your composition results, as well as your lifestyle goals. Your doctor will give you your Semaglutide supply during this consultation. During this initial consultation you will also schedule a follow-up consultation to be completed at the 6-week mark of your 3-month program.

During your first medical consultation, your doctor will provide instructions on how to administer the correct dosage of Semaglutide every week.

Once a month you will meet with your nutritionist to review current nutritional habits and develop new practices and mindsets that align with your health goals.

At the 6-week mark you will meet with your doctor to discuss your experience with taking Semaglutide and incorporating new nutritional adjustments into your routine. This is also a chance for you to revisit your health goals.

At the end of three months you will be asked to visit Hudson Health for a follow-up DEXA scan. The results from this scan will give you more comprehensive insights into how the combined application of nutritional guidance and Semaglutide injections may have changed your fat ratio, muscle mass, and bone density.

hand massaging back

Hudson Health Weight Management team

Jonathann Kuo, MD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Preeti Pulsakar

Certified Clinical Nutritionist


Service Price
2 DEXA $500 $250 each
Nutrition consult (3) $150 (each)
2 vials of Semaglutide $1000 ($500 each)
MD Consult $400

*We are currently offering a $350 discount on our weight management program, bringing the three month total for all included services to: $2000 per 3-month package.

Common Questions

We do offer peptides (including Semaglutide) without the inclusion of DEXA scans, nutritional guidance, and medical consultation. However, as our primary goal is always to ensure the health of our patients, we recommend consulting with doctors before beginning any changes to your health routine—especially when those changes may result in loss of body composition. 

If you’re interested in purchasing Semaglutide alone, please contact our Hudson Life team for more details about our initial consultation process. 

Yes. At the end of the first three months you will undergo your second DEXA scan. This scan will give our weight management team insight into the composition changes your body has experienced over the first three months. They will then consider your scan results, as well as your insights into how you have felt throughout the experience before determining whether a follow-up package is appropriate for you.

Potential side effects may include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation.