Live the life you want… longer.

Hudson Health’s longevity treatments help you take control of your health today so that you can live life on your terms in the future.

Longevity medicine doesn’t just help you live better or live longer, it helps you live better for longer.

We are collectively outgrowing the constraints of traditional care, which is focused on reacting to and mitigating damage from medical conditions. With more access to information on age-related risks and restrictions, we are all ready to take action to improve the quality of our lives.

This is where longevity medicine steps in.
Drawing from a range of technologically-advanced and scientifically-backed treatments, longevity specialists develop individualized, long-term health plans that consider your medical history, current lifestyle, and future goals. Longevity care targets the symptoms of an aging mind and body, resulting in both disease minimization and mind-body optimization. Aging may be inevitable, but how you age is up to you.

Hudson Health’s Longevity Care Ecosystem

Harnesses the restorative powers of cells by administering either autologous or donor-derived cells near an injured site to bolster the healing process. Regenerative treatments include Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, Bone Marrow Concentrate Therapy, Exosome Therapy, Placental Matrix Therapy

Functional medicine takes a more personalized and holistic approach to uncover the underlying, covert problems at the root of symptom flare-ups. Using a combination of conventional and alternative therapies, functional medicine helps patients prevent chronic disease and increase healthspan.

Supports mood regulation and enhances mental clarity and focus. Treatments include ketamine IV therapy, psychiatric and psychological integration, nootropic administration, and Dual Sympathetic Blocks.

Advanced IV therapies include NAD+, Peptide Therapy, Exosomes, Flavonoids and Minerals, Methylene Blue for energy improvement, DNA repair, and inflammation reduction.

Employs the use of peptides, which are short chains of amino acids that influence major biological processes.Peptide therapy can activate the body’s own healing mechanisms, reduce inflammation, boost energy, enhance digestion, promote healthy weight, improve cognition and more

Restores hormonal imbalances in the body to address conditions related to hormone inconsistencies, like menopause, thyroid disorders, PCOS, and more.

Assesses cellular health and provides a detailed view of biological aging markers that influence aging and age-related conditions, including risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and more.

Analyzes risk factors and detects the potential presence of precancerous cells to ensure conditions are treated as early as possible.

Pressurized air chamber enables the lungs to take in more oxygen which promotes infection recovery, improves cellular production, increases circulation and activates collagen.

Detoxifies blood stream by removing potentially harmful antibodies, as well as pro-aging and pro-inflammatory markers, by separating plasma from blood cells before re-injecting cells back into the body.

Blood is transfused with ozone gas and re-injected into the bloodstream to improve blood flow, relieve inflammation, increase energy, and strengthen the immune system.

Comprehensive testing and lifestyle modifications prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases and related risks, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Manages sexual health conditions and symptoms related to aging, including menopause, loss of sex drive, and hormonal decline.

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Hudson Health Longevity Team

Jonathann Kuo, MD

Founder, CEO, & Chief Medical Officer: Regenerative Medicine & Longevity

Preeti Pusalkar, CNS

Nutritionist / Functional Medicine

Marcel Green, MD

Leading Psychiatrist: Interventional Mental Health

Jonah Rosner

Movement Optimization Provider

Kirten Parekh, DPM

Longevity Provider

Shadia Akle, RWP

Gut Health Practitioner

Lauren Roop, M.S., PA-C

Physician Assistant

Patrick Jean-Pierre, MD

Internist, Sports Medicine Specialist

Craig Antell, DO

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Roberta F. Shapiro, DO

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Longevity treatments are available à la carte or as part of our comprehensive longevity program. For more pricing and program details please contact

Hudson Health Membership Program
(Coming Soon)

A Hudson Health membership gives you access to health optimization resources and 1:1 longevity guidance.


Premier Health Optimization Program

  • Anti-Aging Consultations
  • Regenerative Medicine Consultations
  • Functional Medicine Consultations
  • Advanced Baseline Testing
  • Advanced Biological Age Testing
  • Advanced Peptides / Bioregulators
  • Physician Follow ups every 6 weeks with Medical IVs
  • (NAD+/Peptides)
  • Mental Health BioReboots 2x/Year
  • Hudson Health Concierge
  • Access to Hudson Health Network
  • Priority Appointments

Executive Membership

Most Advanced, Full Access Optimization and Longevity Program with High Clinical Support

  • Stem Cell / Exosome Infusions 2x/Year
  • Plasmapheresis 2x/Year
  • EBO2 Ozone Dialysis 2x/Year
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments 20x/Year
  • CTA Coronary Angiograms with AI Analysis
  • Full Body MRI
  • Galleri Cancer Screening
  • Stem Cell Harvesting for Future Use*
  • Discounted/Included Memberships at Sollis Health / The Lanby
Includes all benefits from previous tier
*Done at our partner facilities outside the US
For more on our membership tiers contact
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