Meet Our Team

Our team specializes in various regenerative, functional, and anti-aging divisions, fully dedicated to providing personalized, data-driven, and proactive care.

Jonathann Kuo, MD

Founder, CEO, & Chief Medical Officer: Regenerative Medicine & Longevity

Preeti Pusalkar, CNS

Nutritionist / Functional Medicine

Marcel Green, MD

Leading Psychiatrist: Interventional Mental Health

Jonah Rosner

Movement Optimization Provider

Dr. Kirten Parekh

Kirten Parekh, DPM

Longevity Provider

Shadia Akle, RWP

Gut Health Practitioner

Lauren Roop, M.S., PA-C

Physician Assistant

Patrick Jean-Pierre, MD

Internist, Sports Medicine Specialist

Craig Antell, DO

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Roberta F. Shapiro, DO

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation