Peptide Dosage and Injection Instructions

Find dosage and injection instructions for your peptide shipment.

Explore our peptide FAQ to find answers to common questions and additional information about your peptides here.

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After confirming the correct dosage, you can watch Hudson Health founder, Dr. Jonathann Kuo, showcase how to inject peptides below.

Dosage Instructions:

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How to inject your peptides

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Common Questions

We ask that you do not dispose of it in the garbage. Within the state of NY, there are sharps disposals that can be found on their website. Option 2 is visiting a local medical center and asking if they can dispose of these. You may also keep them and return them to our office when you pick up another vial of medication.

Yes, it is still okay to use but we do ask that you refrigerate it right away. Please avoid freezing these multiple times as unfreezing will degrade the quality of the medication.
If your package arrives warm, it is still in good condition. Please refrigerate the medication as soon as possible upon receiving this package.
For best results, store your peptides in a cool, dark place to maintain stability.

Please refrigerate if you are not going to immediately use your peptides.

Please email with any additional questions.
Step 1: Store your peptides in a cool, dark place (preferably at 39Β°F or colder).
Step 2: When you’re ready to inject, lay out your injection materials (syringe, needle, peptide vial, alcohol swab) on a clean surface and wash your hands.
Step 3: Clean the top of your peptide vial with an alcohol swab.
Step 4: Remove the cap from the needle and insert it into the top of the vial.
Step 5: Holding the vial with one hand and the syringe with the other, turn the vial and syringe upside down and draw out the prescribed volume needed for your injection.
Step 6: With the needle still in the vial, gently tap your syringe to release any air pockets.
Step 7: Clean your injection location (on your belly) with alcohol.
Step 8: Inject the needle at a 90 degree angle.
Step 9: Slowly push the syringe plunger to ensure your full dosage is injected.
Step 10: Safely dispose of all materials.
Step 11: Store your peptide vial in your refrigerator or any cool, dark place (preferably at 39Β°F or colder).
Please indicate whether you are a new or existing patient:
Please indicate whether you are a new or existing patient:
Please indicate whether you are a new or existing patient: