What's your real age?

Advanced biological age test kits from GlycanAge and TruAge help you to understand how your lifestyle and DNA contribute to the rate at which your body is aging. 

Reverse your risk of future age-related diseases.

Chronological Age vs. Biological Age

Chronological age is a fixed measurement, starting from the day you were born, moving in one direction and at one speed. 

But your biological age is dynamic, and influenced by your DNA and lifestyle. Advanced biological age test kits give you a clear view of your body’s current age and future health risks. 

Biological Age Test: TruAge Epigenetic Testing

TruAge measures your biological age by assessing biomarkers on your DNA called methylation.
The test assesses more than 900,000 spots on your DNA—more than any other biological age test on the market. With more than 900,000 data points to draw from, TruAge’s proprietary algorithm correlates your unique biological markers against different outcomes to determine your overall age and fitness, and your future health risks.

How does the truage test work?



  • Contact our concierge team to request your kit
  • Register on trudiagnostic.com


Sample collection

  • When your kit arrives in the mail, follow the directions included in the kit to safely collect your blood sample
  • Follow the directions included in the kit to secure and package your sample to send back to the TruAge lab


Review your results

  • Our team will review your results with you on a follow-up telehealth call.

Biological Age Test: GlycanAge

GlycanAge assesses biological age through immune system and inflammation analysis. The test focuses on glycans, which are protein-modifying sugar molecules that reflect inflammation in your immune system.
Our bodies naturally have a balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory glycans, but this equilibrium shifts over time due to genetics, lifestyle, and environment. This imbalance speeds up the aging process and increases the risk of age-related disease.
By measuring the balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory glycans the GlycanAge test offers an in-depth look at your overall health and biological age.

How does the glycanage test work?


Collect your sample

  • Contact our concierge team to request your kit
  • After signing up you’ll receive your GlycanAge test kit in the mail. The kit includes detailed instructions on how to safely collect and send your dry blood sample back for analysis.


Sample Analysis

  • The GlycanAge team runs several tests on your dry blood sample to ensure the most accurate analysis of your biological age.


Receive your results

  • GlycanAge sends a detailed (and secure) summary of your results.


Review with a specialist

  • During a one-on-one consultation, our team will review your results and offer guidance on how to optimize your health based on the report.

Common questions about biological age & test kits


Everyone knows their chronological age. However, this isn’t always a great medical tool, because it doesn’t necessarily pertain to the individual. 

 But biological age gives us a view of functional health and disease risk on a bio-individual level. The advent of epigenetic age testing makes studying biological age more accessible than ever before. 

Telomere length has always been one of the most popular metrics used to calculate someone’s biological. Telomeres are the sequence of DNA at the end; as cells divide over time, they get shorter. When our cells replicate too much, telomeres disappear and the cell pauses. This occurrence is called replicative senescence and was previously considered an accurate aging marker. However, it wasn’t highly correlated to age and in most cases didn’t link to general health. TruAge looks at methylation markers through epigenetics.

Dr. Steve Horvath and Dr. Greg Hannum created this test in 2013. Dr. Horvath’s work stands out in particular because of its ability to accurately predict age across all age types. It is so accurate that it has been used in forensic criminal investigations, to tell the age of refugees in Europe, and even to decide premiums for life insurance because it can predict your death. It is able to predict age in a way that hasn’t been available before.

Every cell in our body has the same DNA. So how are the cells in our eyes so much different than the cells in our heart? The difference is between what DNA and genes get expressed in each cell. Epigenetics is the study of the changes that happen in the way our DNA is organized and expressed. Epigenetics changes gene expression but does not alter the primary DNA sequence. Many things can change the way our body regulates epigenetics including lifestyle factors (nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption, behavior, stress, physical activity, and working habits, etc.) and environmental factors (exposures, stressors, etc.) can impact these modifications, and therefore impact how our genes perform. One way of perceiving traditional genetics is like looking at a light bulb and its components. Looking at the way the light bulb is constructed is like looking at our DNA sequence. However, looking at our epigenetic modifications is like looking at if the light bulb is on or off. A person’s lifestyle and environment have the ability to alter the DNA through epigenetic modifications, and these modifications remain as the cell divides making them have a significant impact on the body’s tissues and organs.
This test uses a powerful algorithm and computer learning software by analyzing almost a million data points from over 10,000 patients. By looking at how it has shown very tight correlations to chronological age and how the body methylates your DNA, TruDiagnostic™ is able to use their precise and reliable algorithm to predict one’s biological age. With the constant development of statistical technology and acknowledgment of aging and disease, we are now able to estimate your biological age like never before.
Genetics is the sequence of the DNA that you are born with and you die with. This means that our DNA sequencing is not influenceable, meaning you are stuck with it. But 60% of your DNA is controllable thanks to epigenetics. Due to epigenetics, we are able to have control over the way our genes are expressed, due to certain influences we put on the body. Lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, are one way we can influence gene expression. Other companies look at the genetic sequencing of an individual, which we have no control over. It is like knowing how a car engine works and finding out the motor stopped running but you aren’t given the tools to fix it.
We recommend taking the test every six months because your DNA methylation measurably changes within that time. By taking the test every half year you are able to notice if the treatments and lifestyle changes you have applied to your health have been effective in reducing your biological age.
In addition to your biological age, you will receive: EpiAge™ Rate, the pace at which your body has aged for every year you’ve been alive Science-backed lifestyle recommendations you can use to adopt healthier habits. As patients become recurring users, they will be able to track their biological age via their patient portal. They will also have access to research, blogs, and lifestyle interventions that could help them adjust their biological age. Don’t worry about interpreting the biological age and the EpiAge™ ratio. This will be interpreted for you depending on the difference of your patient’s chronological age versus their biological age! Additionally, we intend to introduce the new biomarkers of aging and systems-focused health and wellness reports as part of TruDiagnostic™ in 2020. We are constantly looking for new biomarkers to support the creation of future tests. TruDiagnostic™ partners receive first access to all of our up and coming tests, including Telomere Estimation, Senescence Burden Estimation, Alzheimer’s Risk, Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Cancer Risk, Best Fitness and Diet Estimator.


  • Test Kit
  • Digital report
  • One-on-One consultation
If you just want to discover your biological age and wellness, the one test per year option would be best suited for you.

Our two tests per year plan is more popular for people who are making lifestyle changes and would like to track their progress. We also offer bespoke payment plans suited to your needs.
Refrain from consuming excessive alcohol or high-fat meals for eight hours before having your blood taken. Although this won’t have a direct impact on your result, it could interfere with your blood sample quality.
Results are typically ready within 3-5 weeks of sending your sample back to the lab.
Follow GlycanAge’s brief demo video here.
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