Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test

Increase prevention odds with early-detection for 50 types of cancer.

Galleri’s multi-cancer early-detection test screens for over 50 types of cancer with a single blood test.

How does Galleri's multi-cancer early detection test work?

Only 5 types of cancers have recommended screening tests while most others go undetected until they reach later stages. Galleri’s multi-cancer early detection test gives you a chance to get ahead of your health. 

All cells in your body, including cancer cells, release fragments called cell-free DNA into the bloodstream. DNA from cancer cells have specific methylation patterns compared to DNA from healthy cells.

Using advanced DNA sequencing technology, Galleri assesses over 1,000,000 DNA methylation sites from your blood sample. Methylation patterns also contain information about where in your body the cancer is coming from.

If a cancer signal is detected, the test analyzes the DNA patterns found in the sample to predict 1 or 2 possible cancer signal origin locations.
*Galleri tests do not diagnose cancer. If a cancer signal is detected in your Galleri results, we will advise additional tests to confirm diagnosis.

Early detection survival rate is

4X higher

What can a multi-cancer early detection test spot?

What to expect during your multi-cancer early detection test

Galleri Testing

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Step 1: Schedule your consultation

Galleri tests are only available via prescription. You must first schedule a medical consultation with a Hudson provider to obtain your test.

Step 2: Receive your test kit in the mail

Galleri will send a sample collection kit for you to bring to a trained technician.

Step 3:
Schedule your blood draw with a trained technician

You may schedule your blood draw at any healthcare practitioner’s office or at a Galleri partner lab.

Step 4: Return your blood sample

The trained technician or your healthcare office should help you package and ship your blood sample back to Galleri’s GRAIL lab.

Step 5: Schedule your follow-up

Your test results will be ready within 2 weeks from the day the GRAIL lab receives your blood sample. Schedule a follow-up consultation with a Hudson provider to review your results.




Galleri MultiCancer Early Detection Test


Common Questions

The test is recommended for adults with an elevated risk of cancer, including adults over the age of 50 as this age group is 13x more likely to have cancer than adults under age 50.
Clinical studies show the test can detect cancer signals across 50+ different types of cancer. But not all cancer types can be detected by blood samples.
No. Galleri only detects cancer signals present at the time of the blood draw; the test cannot predict your future risk of developing cancer.
A “Cancer Signal Detected” result is expected in approximately 1% or 1 out of 100 Galleri tests in people over 50 years of age.

In a recent clinical study, on average, 4 out of 10 people with a “Cancer Signal Detected” result received a cancer diagnosis with diagnostic testing, and 1 out of 200 people without cancer received a “Cancer Signal Detected” result.

(Positive Predictive Value was 43% and False Positive rate was 0.5%)
At this time the test is only available in the U.S.