Evoke QEEG Cognitive Testing

Take control of your cognitive health and prevent the onset of chronic brain conditions.

Are you paying attention to your brain?

It’s easy to overlook your brain. Symptoms of cognitive decline are either hard to detect or seem to be all in your head.

But as we age, not only does our cognition decline, but the risk of developing chronic brain conditions increases.

Evoke’s qEEG brain map technology tracks biomarkers in your brain to pinpoint the origins of symptoms like memory loss, slower processing, and difficulty retaining information.

Section 510 (k) FDA-cleared to aid in diagnosis.

Tracking your brain health with regular qEEG scans can help you stave off the onset of disease.

40% of dementia cases can be prevented with early detection
$64,000 in medical costs can be saved from early Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

How Testing Works


Schedule your initial consultation with a member of our medical team.


Visit our West Village Longevity Center for your qEEG scan.
During the test our staff will place a special cap on your head that maps physiology and activity in your brain. The qEEG test typically lasts around 10 minutes (5 minutes with open eyes and 5 with closed eyes)

*A 2018 study found that Evokes EEG computational technology has a sensitivity upwards of 90%


During your follow-up consultation our team will walk you through your scan. From there we can help you develop plans to boost your brain health and prevent inflammation-related chronic conditions.

The qEEG test evaluates

Common FAQs

Gaining an understanding of your brain health is beneficial for anyone, but crucial if you are 60 or older, because in your 60s memory loss and early indicators of dementia begin to surface.

EEG is a neuroimaging technique that scans activity in the brain. A specialized cap with electrode technology is placed onto your head to map your brain activity while you complete a series of simple tests on a computer.

EEGs are considered to be safe tests with no common side effects. Though rare, the test may provoke seizures in someone with a history of seizure disorder.
Factors or conditions that may interfere with results include:
  • Low blood sugar
  • Bright or flashing lights
  • Certain medicines or sedatives
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Haircare products, like sprays and gels


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