Plasmapheresis Therapy

Strengthen your immunity. Enhance your longevity.

What is Plasmapheresis Therapy?

Plasmapheresis therapy is an advanced, age-optimizing treatment that removes harmful substances from your blood’s plasma to prevent inflammation-induced illness and help you achieve your peak mental and physical state.

Benefits of Plasmapheresis Therapy

Give your body a total system reset.

Your Plasmapheresis Therapy Experience

Plasmapheresis therapy separates your blood’s plasma to rid your body of pathogens and substances contributing to suboptimal energy, immunity, and cognition. The plasma is replaced with saline and a protein called albumin, re-infused with your other blood components and, finally, readministered via IV.

How does Plasmapheresis Therapy work?



  • Blood is withdrawn via IV.


Plasma Separation

  • The blood sample is processed in a centrifuge where the plasma is separated from the other blood components (platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells).



  • Blood is readministered via IV.

Conditions Plasmapheresis Therapy treats

Plasmapheresis therapy is commonly recommended in treatment programs for blood disorders, neurologic disorders, and autoimmune disorders.

Plasmapheresis Therapy FAQ

Plasmapheresis therapy can last anywhere from 2-4 hours.
Plasmapheresis is effective for anyone looking to revitalize their health and proactively prevent chronic inflammation and disease. This therapy is especially beneficial for anyone with an increased risk of developing blood and neurological disorders. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our medical longevity doctors for specific questions on how plasmapheresis can address your unique medical concerns.
Some patients begin to notice a boost in energy and vitality within a few weeks of treatment. However, this timeline may vary based on your medical history and symptoms.
Longevity Implications
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Neurological implications
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COVID-19 Implications

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